October 31

Week #3

Streaming car lights

Michael Scott | scottphotographics.com via Compfight

The best time with my family was when we went to Washington and went to very fun places in Seattle. The weeks building up to that day were really hard because I was just waiting and waiting for that one day to come because I had never been to Washington before. On the way there it was really fun because you got to see everything and do fun activities in the car. The last few hours of the ride to Washington were really boring because of the waiting you had to do to get there, but it was all worth it. The day that we got there, it was a relief to get out of the car and walk around, but it was really hard to get on my legs after a almost four hour car drive. We weŕe finally at Great Wolf Lodge with more fun to come.

When we arrived at Great Wolf Lodge for the first time, it was weird because we were in a different state and a different place. The first day we got there it was a really big place and really nice. So we got our room key and went to our room, and it was really nice and fancy and we got to stay there for a week. When we got settled into the room we explored around in the lobby and saw an indoor water park with huge rides, an arcade, a breakfast buffet, glow in the dark golf, another restaurant connected to the breakfast buffet, and some other games upstairs. That was a fun week at Great Wolf Lodge.